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EPIC Tuesdays at Bostian Elementary

An integral part of Bostian Elementary's renewal plan is to provide frequent opportunities for our students to explore their passions and interests. Monthly exploratory clubs created from a student interest survey allow students to choose an area of interest and participate in multiple sessions of three different clubs throughout the school year. We call this time "EPIC Tuesdays," when students can Explore Passions and Interests through Clubs. 

Led by Bostian staff members and community volunteers, EPIC Tuesdays kicked off on September 14 with great excitement throughout Bostian's campus! With over 20 clubs available, students expanded their knowledge of many topics, including gardening, drumming, sports, interior design, cooking, fitness, sign language, and more! In addition to exploring passions and interests, EPIC Tuesdays also allow students from different grade levels to build connections and communication skills.

A student survey given at the end of each club session allows the leader to adjust plans to best meet the needs of their students on the next month's EPIC Tuesday.  Moving forward, we will allow for even more access to student interests and passions by asking for student input on changes and additions to future clubs. We hope that in doing this, we will be able to allow all Bostian students to explore multiple interests throughout the school year.