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RED Time

Time and Learning

Students simply cannot become more proficient in any given area without committing a certain amount of time to grasping new content, practicing and honing skills, and then applying this newly acquired knowledge and skills to realizing specific aims.  If schools are expected to hold all students to the same high standards, then we must recognize that because students possess varied abilities, strengths and weakness, some students require more time than others to master the same content. 

There is a substantial amount of research describing the pivotal role of time in the learning process.  Time, however, is one of the limited resources available to schools.  The purpose of RED Time at CGMS is to provide more time for core academic learning as well as opportunities to participate in enrichment activities that enhance student success. 

It’s about Mastery 

Mastery learning is not a new concept; it was introduced into American education over 40 years ago.  It is based on the concept that all students can learn when provided with conditions appropriate to their situation. In a mastery learning setting, students are given specific feedback about their learning progress at regular intervals throughout the instructional period. This feedback helps students identify what they have learned well and what they have not learned well. With RED Time, students are allotted more time to achieve mastery of the areas that were not learned well.  The goal of mastery learning is success for the student.

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