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Mission, Vision, and Beliefs


In preparation for high school and beyond, our mission is to engage every student in learning that promotes academic growth, innovative thinking and responsible citizenship.


Teach That Which is Truly of Value. While we believe knowledge and skills are important, these are seen not as endpoints, but as the building blocks to teaching concepts and applications. "Big Ideas" or essential questions are identified in order to generate deeper, more meaningful understanding.

Engage Students as Active Learners. We believe students have ownership for what is learned. They are required to ask questions, do research, reflect upon their own thinking and challenge ideas as a means to constructing their own understandings. Teachers facilitate and coach students in active classrooms. Technology is an important vehicle for learning.

Aim for Mastery. We believe all children can learn, so students are challenged to work toward a common standard which represents excellence. Assessments measure progress toward mastery and identify the students and concepts in need of further instruction.

Promote Positive Relationships. All of our work occurs in an atmosphere of mutual respect and high behavioral standards. This includes honoring traditions and celebrating success.