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Mission, Vision, and Beliefs


In preparation for high school and beyond, our mission is to engage every student in learning that promotes academic growth, innovative thinking and responsible citizenship.


Inspired to do their very best, CGMS students will discover their passions and develop the critical skills needed to successfully pursue their purpose in life.


Teach That Which is Truly of Value. In a world where content is immediately accessible, we believe in teaching the essential skills and knowledge that best equip students for the realities of our twenty-first century economy. 

Engage Students as Active Learners. Fostering the deep curiosity and creativity that characterize real learning, teachers coach students in active classrooms.  Classroom practices develop thinking skills for all children and provide opportunities to apply and use knowledge in a variety of contexts.

Aim for Mastery. We believe all children can learn, so students are challenged to work toward a common standard which represents excellence. We continuously measure progress toward mastery and identify the students and concepts in need of further instruction.

Promote Positive Relationships. All of our work occurs in an atmosphere of mutual respect and high behavioral standards. We honor traditions and celebrate success.


You can access our Renewal Plan here.