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Hour of Code

Below you will find links to Intro to Coding & Hour of Code HyperDocs for grades K-2 and 3+. Go to "file" then "make a copy" to save an editable version to your Google Drive. Review the HyperDoc to be sure it works for your class, add or change as necessary and assign to your students. The K-2 version is meant to be assigned as "view only".

Intro to Coding/Hour of Code K-2


Hour of Code/Intro to Coding HyperDoc Grades 3+


2017 Hour of Code Text Set

No Computer? No Problem!

You can host an unplugged Hour of Code where no computer is needed!

Hello Ruby My First Computer

Design and build your very own computer! Get to know the CPU, RAM and ROM, Mass Storage and GPU. hourofcode.com/us/learn

Hello Ruby My First Computer

My Robotic Friends

Students will figure out how to guide each other to accomplish specific tasks without discussing them first. hourofcode.com/us/learn

My Robotic Friends

The Little Artist In Your Computer

PDF contains a fun story embedded with puzzles that will teach your students the fundamentals of digital art. hourofcode.com/us/learn

The Little Artist In Your Computer

Got Robots? Get Hands-On With the Hour of Code!

Got robots or physical computing devices like Makey Makey or Microbit? Check out a few of the resources below for Hour of Code lessons with Dash, Ozobot and Makey Makey. Looking for more? Check out hourofcode.com/us/learn/robotics

Dash the Collector

Use the Wonder Workshop Blockly app and Dash the robot to tackle 3 coding challenges! In this series of challenges, you will help Dash collect different objects like seashells and candy. hourofcode.com/us/learn/robotics

Dash the Collector Challenge Cards

The OzoBlockly Tutorial

Introduces students to the concept of coding with the help of Ozobot, a small programmable robot. Students will be learning how to code by playing Ozobot games, called Shape Tracer Games. hourofcode.com/us/learn/robotics

The OzoBlockly Tutorial

Makey Makey Hour of Code

Use a Makey Makey to complete the Hour of Code! Learn about the Makey Makey on page 1 & explore Makey Makey activities on page 2. Remixed by Owen Peery.

Makey Makey Hour of Code

Coding with Coding Cards

Print out these coding cards and/or hi-res block images from Tickle App for your students to use as a hands-on, offline coding experience. Can be used with online coding activities, unplugged lessons or even with robots!

Coding Cards from Tickle

Google Drive folder of printable coding blocks from Tickle.

Scratch Coding Blocks

Printable Scratch coding blocks in multiple formats.

Scratch Jr Coding Blocks

Printable Scratch Jr Blocks