Bostian School was formed around 1800. The first building was a log house located about one mile from the present school. This school served the community until 1895, when Alex Bostian donated the land and Vick Correll designed and erected a T-shaped school building. In 1906, a small room was added and the structure remained virtually unchanged for the next twenty-six years. In 1935, a new building was erected which included eight classrooms and an auditorium at a cost of $30,000. This new building is still in use today and has had at least six major changes. They include: four classrooms at the end of the original eight-room structure, a cafeteria building, a new building consisting of six classrooms, a gym, nine mobile units, and a media center and computer lab. In 1993, with PTA support and capital improvement funds, a new multi-purpose room/gym was built and named the Gary G. Sherrill Gymnasium in honor of the retiring principal. In November of 1993, the original school building was completely renovated, and this is when the new media and computer lab were constructed. Air conditioning was added to the facility and the office areas were moved and modernized. Currently, the facility consists of two classroom buildings, a gymnasium, a cafeteria, a small maintenance shop, and nine mobile units.

Over the past several years, Bostian's learning spaces have been transformed by the addition of a STREAM lab, iPads for every student, flexible learning spaces, and new flooring throughout the main building. These physical changes support our continued commitment to innovation and student engagement.