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Students engaged

Strategic Plan


  • Every child should have personal life goals.
  • To achieve their life goals, we need to engage them in innovative learning.
  • Innovative, engaged learning results in skills development and academic achievement.
  • Skills development and academic achievement helps students meet their life goals.


Where every day, everyone discovers and achieves the extraordinary.


To inspire innovative and engaging learning.

System Indicators/Evidences of Improvement

  • Rounds process
  • Data team meetings
  • State accountability report
  • Student data dashboard
  • Surveys
  • Student exhibitions

Goals and Action Steps (one year plan)

Develop reading skills necessary for children to achieve their personal life goals.

  1. Every child should identify a personal life goal.
  2. Every child should complete a level-set in Achieve 3000 and set their personal trajectory based upon their career choice.
  3. Create and set challenges to encourage students to meet their personal trajectory.
  4. Develop multiple data points that determine student progress in literacy (i.e. Achieve 3000 level set, EOC, EOG, Reading 3D, iOEducation Benchmarks).

Implement "RSS Mindset" deeply.

RSS Mindset educator model. Elements are outlined below image

Professional Learning Communities (PLC)

  1. Provide professional development for administrators and teachers to understanding how to utilize personalized data.
  2. Examine student work and design strategies which will support innovative and engaging instruction.


  1. Develop a data dashboard.
    1. Identify data that supports the development of a personal goal.
    2. Implement the utilization of a data dashboard.
    3. Provide professional development on best-practices of implementing a data dashboard.

Guided Instruction

  1. Extend guided instruction practices to mathematics through professional development opportunities for teachers.

Collaboration, Connectivity, Relevance, Personalization (CCRP)

  1. Focus on personalization
    1. Support teachers in development and implementation of individual playlists for students.
    2. Provide professional development on personalization in a year-long menu of options.


  1. Develop a common understanding and language around the concept of rigor.
  2. Provide professional development for teachers on how to create rigor in content, process, and product to engage students at high levels.

Balanced Literacy

  1. Implement Orton-Gillingham literacy strategies in K-2 classrooms.
  2. Provide professional development on Orton-Gillingham literacy strategies for all third-grade teachers.

Problem Based Learning (PBL)

  1. Develop district matrix for effective PBLs.
  2. Host an exhibition of student work in each community area.
  3. Expand PBL ideas/lessons warehouse.

Blended Learning

  1. Identify model classrooms for blended learning at each grade level in the district.
  2. Provide opportunities for teachers to collaborate and develop blended learning lessons for students.

Provide well maintained school buildings.

  1. Right size the capacity of our facilities.
  2. Renovate and make improvements to facilities.

Develop community schools.

  1. Develop a model for community schools.
  2. Develop a graduate profile.
    1. Survey stakeholders to develop the profile of a Rowan-Salisbury Schools graduate.
    2. Develop goals for opportunities, skills, and knowledge milestones at the 5th, 8th, and 12th grade levels.
  3. Develop innovative marketing strategies.
  4. Homeschool students and families.
    1. Open communication channels by sending postcards and communications to homeschool families.
    2. Develop and host online courses for homeschool students.

Increase student services.

  1. Attendance
    1. Create and share information on the importance of attendance with families.
  2. Social and emotional well-being
    1. Develop procedures and programs for trauma and severe mental illness.
    2. Develop a mentoring program at each school that support students in a whole child process.

Develop Human Resources

  1. Recruitment
    1. Analyze staff turnover through district exit survey.
  2. Induction
    1. Develop, complete, and implement the RSS iBook.
    2. Create and implement high quality professional development experiences for classified staff.
  3. Succession Develop and implement third cohort of Grow Your Own Leaders assistant principal leadership program.



Rowan-Salisbury Schools Pilots State Renewal Program

The State of North Carolina passed HB 986 enabling qualifying school districts to become a renewal district. Currently only Rowan-Salisbury Schools district qualifies. On June 28th the RSS Board of Education elected to participate in this program. Click for details.