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Doing What is Right for Children

Through Teacher-Led Design Teams

The 'Renewal School System' model provides charter-like flexibilities for all 34 Rowan-Salisbury Schools. Teachers will be empowered to lead, design, and create how instruction is offered to students. This allows us to do things we never thought possible in traditional public schools such as:

Curriculum Flexibility

Opportunity for teacher-led teams to design new curriculum with the possibility to be exempt from some standardized testing.

Budget Flexibility

Opportunity to receive state funds in one lump sum, rather than in multiple restricted funds that allow us to use our money in the way we need to support our students.

Personnel Flexibility

Opportunity to hire teachers with industry expertise to teach in their areas of strength regardless of their teaching license.

Calendar Flexibility

Opportunity to create a school calendar that meets the needs of students, parents, staff, community and the designed curriculum.

Renewal Guidebook

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