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Rowan County Recyclers

Rowan County School students were offered the Go Green Challenge as a Problem Based Learning event. Winners were recognized at the April Board of Education meeting. There was a winning class for the Elementary and High School levels. The winning schools were:

Bostian Elementary

East Rowan

Bostian class is pictured below

Bostian Elementary School recycling plan winners

For kindergarten through second grade students, the event invited them to do an art project using recycled materials. Below is the winner of the K-2 re-use contest from Bostian Elementary.


Guidlines for student plans:

Plan must include the following items:

  • Why is it important to recycle?
  • Conducting a waste audit
  • Estimating the costs/savings and time required
  • Collecting and storing each material
  • Goals, record-keeping and reporting
  • Building support, awareness and participation

Go Green Banner


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