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2017 NRHS Graduates

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About the District

Welcome to the Rowan Salisbury Schools! Our goal is to provide extraordinary learning experiences for our students. We are recognized nationally for our innovative approaches to teaching and learning AND we are ranked in the 'Top 10' nationally for pioneering uses of technology in our classrooms for student success.

We build on a strong foundation focused on Literacy, that leads our students into discovering and achieving their personal life goals. Our students are guided through a CCRP learning model where instruction is Connected, Collaborative, Relevant, and Personal.

Each student in our district has a personal iPad or laptop. Students in grades 3-12 can take their devices home. We lead our students into becoming critical thinkers so they can solve real-world challenges. This is accomplished through problem-based learning in an inspiring collaborative learning environment.

The Rowan-Salisbury School System provides extraordinary education every day for more than 19,500 students in 35 schools.

Led by Superintendent Dr. Lynn Moody, the district emphasizes technology-driven instruction with a strong focus on literacy and problem-based learning, as well as meaningful professional development for all staff members. These methods have resulted in a dramatic increase in student engagement and performance.

As of the 2015-16 school year, 91.4 percent of Rowan-Salisbury schools increased their performance composite, and 96 percent of the district’s K-8 schools met or exceeded growth in reading.

Home to Lazy 5 Ranch, the NC Transportation Museum, important historical sites, classic wineries and the shores of High Rock Lake, there’s an adventure for everyone in Rowan County, North Carolina. The City of Salisbury boasts of a thriving, historic downtown filled with locally-owned restaurants, breweries, shops and theaters. Family-friendly events, such as Autumn Jubilee, Holiday Caravan and the Rowan County Fair, contribute to the area’s rich culture and tight-knit community. For those looking for a big city experience, Rowan County is perfectly situated between three of the state’s largest cities – Charlotte, Greensboro and Winston-Salem.

1:1 Personal Technology Device - Per Student

Student with iPad

Each student in grades K-12 has a personal iPad or laptop device. At Rowan-Salisbury, we are excited to be leaders in innovative learning, and we believe it is our responsibility to inspire an engaging and personalized educational experience for each student. In 2014, Rowan-Salisbury moved to a one-to-one digital conversion - where every student has their very own personal device!

Student in grades 3-12 may take their devices home. Each high school student has a MacBook Air laptop, while each student in grades 3-8 has an iPad. Every student in grades K-2 also have personal devices; however, these devices remain at the child’s school. These teaching and learning tools are changing the culture of our community as well as our schools. Students are engaged with their technology devices at home and as well at school.

We realized that the needs of the future are different from the needs of the past, and this requires us to be leaders in transforming how we teach. It also allows students to access instruction with the flexibility to learn anytime and anywhere.

Our students must be prepared for the work environment of the future. Our mobile technology devices allow students the ability to explore, research, and create solutions to real world challenges with the most current information at their fingertips.


Rowan-Salisbury Schools is nationally ranked in the "Top !0" for pioneering uses for technology in the classroom.

Top 10 National Ranking Award

Awards, Honors, Recognitions

Micah Furr Park Scholar



  • National Ranking in the ‘Top 10” for Pioneering Uses of Technology
  • National Digital Curriculum Strategy Award / Learning Counsel
  • National Digital Content & Curriculum Achievement Award / Center for Digital Education
  • National ‘Top 20 To Watch’ / CoSn (Consortium for School Networking)
  • National ‘Innovation in Education” / Discovery Education
  • State Excellence in Educational Programs / NC School Boards Association
  • State Excellence in Communications, Public Relations & Marketing / NC School Public Relations Association Blue Ribbon Awards
  • State “Team to Watch’ / NCMLE (NC Assoc. for Middle Level Education)
  • State ‘Medal for Educational Innovation’ / Friday Center & NCSSA


  • The Learning Counsel Column
  • Education Talk Radio
  • Discovery Education - Technology “Myths Vs. Truths’ / NRMS Students
  • Future Ready Summit Panel
  • Schlechty Center
  • Digital Promise
  • Literacy Today
  • THE Journal
  • TED Talks


  • Park Scholar
  • NC Governors School
  • West Point Academy
  • Presidential Inauguration Leadership Summit
  • National Achieve3000 Summer Contest Winner
  • National Achieve3000 Spring To Success
  • State FFA Winners
  • State FBLA Winners
  • National Honors Chorus & Band
  • US Army All-American Marching Band
  • CTE Skills USA
  • Superior Ratings in Band
  • US Presidential Scholar
  • RC ‘Swimmers of the Year’
  • ‘2017 Dare to Imagine’
  • Signing with Colleges to play Tennis, Baseball, Golf


  • $26 million offered to 2017 RSS Graduates


  • Teacher Getting Results
  • ADE – Apple Distinguished Educators
  • Regional Teacher of the Year
  • State Outstanding Math Teacher
  • TED-ED Innovative Educator
  • State Outstanding Environmental Educator
  • National Board Certified Nurses
  • National Board Certified Teachers & Renewals
  • National Music Honor
  • National Army All-American Band Director
  • Grown Your Own Leaders Program
  • Stanback Scholarship for Masters Program
  • US Army ROTC National Hall of Fame
  • PBS LearningMedia Digital Innovators
  • RC ‘Swimming Coaches of the Year’
  • NC Young Educator of the Year
  • Philip Morris Educational Doctoral Leadership Fellowship
  • NC Girls Tennis Coach of the Year


First page of the PDF file: 2019-2020BELLTIMES


Community Schools

East Rowan Community Event

Inspiring, Innovative and Engaging – this describes the new Community Schools concept that is being implementing across our community.

By now you have most likely participated in or heard about our 6 Community School areas and the events they have sponsored; such as back to school rallies, tail gates, family engagement events, movie nights to name a few examples. There have also been high school students dressed out in their school colors, welcoming elementary students to school.

Within RSS we have 6 community areas: North, South, East, West, Salisbury, and Southeast. We are personalizing the learning experience for children and families through our Community Schools by following your child from Kindergarten through high school. We may all fall under the larger umbrella of Rowan-Salisbury, but we have smaller Community Schools focusing on providing a family-centered environment for giving children the best education possible.

This spring each of the six Community Schools will be hosting a Exhibition to our communities. These events will showcase the inspiring work by our students. Click here to view the 2018 Student Showcase Event Schedule.

E3 Motto

E3 Logo

Motto: E3



Educational Foundation - RPE

RPE Logo

RPE Teacher Mini Grants Honored at BOE meeting


Years ago, a group of dedicated business professionals and community leaders formed the Rowan-Salisbury Education Foundation to provide support and funding for programs that went above and beyond the normal curriculum in the Rowan Salisbury Schools. The name was later changed to Rowan Partners for Education (RPE) to better represent the mission of the organization.


A few years ago, another group of dedicated business and community leaders came together and formed the Rowan-Salisbury Schools IMPACT Fund. This group of hard- working individuals achieved many accomplishments that benefited the students and staff of our district to which we are very grateful.


Moving forward, the name is again Rowan-Partners for Education and dedicated to:

  • Provide funding for innovative teaching methods
  • Ignite stronger and more positive results
  • Recognize the achievements of our teachers & students
  • Encourage students to reach higher academic success
  • Provide support to push through innovative projects

RPE continues to build on what the original founders saw as such an incredible resource in our community. While RPE will work closely with RSS to help achieve common goals, the mission is to add to and not replace any existing programs.

Jon and Susan Steele co-chair RPE.

Enrollment Information

NRMS Photo Reading and Technology

Welcome to Rowan-Salisbury Schools! We look forward to partnering with you to guide your child to academic and career success. School attendance zones are based on the property address of where you and your child live.


Please be prepared to provide the following items when enrolling your child:

  • Student's birth certificate
  • Approved ID of parent/guardian
  • Proof of domicile
  • Immunization record
  • Health Assessment in accordance with North Carolina law

Student Transfer & Assignment Contact:

Amanda Howard

Student Services


High School Academies

NC Lt. Gov with WRHS Ag Academy Students

Personalizing your child's learning experience is important to us. Many of our high schools in the Rowan-Salisbury Schools (RSS) offer Academies. These are specialized curriculums for students in addition to the traditional high school diploma curriculum offered at every school within RSS. A student who is not currently assigned to one of these schools may apply to be reassigned to one of our unique and innovative high school academies. Below is a list of links to more information on the currently offered academies.


Location: West Rowan High School

Learn industry-based skills in agriculture with focuses available in animal science, horticulture and agricultural mechanics. Take your agricultural knowledge to the next level in our farm-to-table program by learning how to cultivate, prepare, design and market meals using fresh and home-grown ingredients in a commercial restaurant environment. Join students with like-interests and career goals by participating in award-winning organizations such as Future Farmers of America (FFA) and Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA).

Location: South Rowan High School

Learn industry-based skills in digital media, gaming design, and broadcasting through project-based courses and relevant experiences in the communications field. Join Skills USA to develop and market your communication skills with an opportunity to compete at the State and National levels. In the Communications Academy, students can practice with the latest version of the Adobe Suite software, develop programming skills using the latest technology, or gain experience in a classroom broadcasting studio.

JROTC Academy - Develop your leadership potential, physical fitness, speaking and writing skills, self-discipline and self-reliance by attending the South Rowan JROTC Academy. Students will be immersed in an in-depth study of the ethical values and principles of good citizenship, learn the historical relevance and organization of the US Armed Forces, and participate in leadership and community service. Students have opportunity to earn rank, conduct relevant research, earn certifications, and participate in numerous co-curricular competitions and challenges.

Location: Salisbury High School

Choose from over 20 Advanced Placement courses to prepare for a college S.T.E.M degree and learn to use specialized robotics equipment for engineering design. The new Advanced Manufacturing Academy will ensure students hone skills from every aspect of manufacturing from engineering and design to product creation. Successful students will be immediately employable or well-prepared for a two-year or four-year program in mechanical engineering, computer integrated machining, or welding.

Location: North Rowan High School

Learn industry recognized health care skills with focuses available in general health sciences and nursing. Students will be immersed in real-life scenarios using simulation mannequins that allow students to apply life-saving skills in practical situations. Students can join the award-winning Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) and have the opportunity to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA).

Location: East Rowan High School

Learn industry recognized skills in the areas of productivity software, ecommerce, accounting, marketing and entrepreneurship. Join students with like-interests and career goals by participating and competing in East’s award-winning Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). Students apply entrepreneurial skills in specialized business internships and market local businesses through website development.

Location: Jesse Carson High School

Students are immersed in fine and performing arts, including visual arts, theater, chorus and musical performance. Showcase your talents in one or many school and community performances. Develop your passion for the arts and expand your portfolio by participating on stage and/or behind-the-scenes in musical and theatrical productions while immersed in traditional and rigorous academic courses.


Rowan Cabarrus Community College

Students have the opportunity to earn both a high school diploma and a two-year degree or two years of transferable credit - tuition free. Instead of attending a regular high school, students take all high school and college courses on one of the RCCC campuses. RCEC students display an eagerness to accept rigorous coursework, enthusiasm for new and different approaches to learning, the ability to form and grow productive relationships with teachers, other students and the community, and leadership ability or potential. Students in the early college gain the kind of advanced skills increasingly demanded to be globally competitive.

Student Transfer and Assignment Contact:

Amanda Howard

Student Services

Strategic Plan - 2017-2020


  • Every child should have personal life goals.
  • To achieve their life goals, we need to engage them in innovative learning.
  • Innovative, engaged learning results in skills development and academic achievement.
  • Skills development and academic achievement helps students meet their life goals.


Where every day, everyone discovers and achieves the extraordinary.


To inspire innovative and engaging learning.

System Indicators/Evidences of Improvement

  • Rounds process
  • Data team meetings
  • State accountability report
  • Student data dashboard
  • Surveys
  • Student exhibitions

Goals and Action Steps (one year plan)

Develop reading skills necessary for children to achieve their personal life goals.

  1. Every child should identify a personal life goal.
  2. Every child should complete a level-set in Achieve 3000 and set their personal trajectory based upon their career choice.
  3. Create and set challenges to encourage students to meet their personal trajectory.
  4. Develop multiple data points that determine student progress in literacy (i.e. Achieve 3000 level set, EOC, EOG, Reading 3D, iOEducation Benchmarks).

Implement "RSS Mindset" deeply.

RSS Mindset educator model. Elements are outlined below image

Professional Learning Communities (PLC)

  1. Provide professional development for administrators and teachers to understanding how to utilize personalized data.
  2. Examine student work and design strategies which will support innovative and engaging instruction.


  1. Develop a data dashboard.
    1. Identify data that supports the development of a personal goal.
    2. Implement the utilization of a data dashboard.
    3. Provide professional development on best-practices of implementing a data dashboard.

Guided Instruction

  1. Extend guided instruction practices to mathematics through professional development opportunities for teachers.

Collaboration, Connectivity, Relevance, Personalization (CCRP)

  1. Focus on personalization
    1. Support teachers in development and implementation of individual playlists for students.
    2. Provide professional development on personalization in a year-long menu of options.


  1. Develop a common understanding and language around the concept of rigor.
  2. Provide professional development for teachers on how to create rigor in content, process, and product to engage students at high levels.

Balanced Literacy

  1. Implement Orton-Gillingham literacy strategies in K-2 classrooms.
  2. Provide professional development on Orton-Gillingham literacy strategies for all third-grade teachers.

Problem Based Learning (PBL)

  1. Develop district matrix for effective PBLs.
  2. Host an exhibition of student work in each community area.
  3. Expand PBL ideas/lessons warehouse.

Blended Learning

  1. Identify model classrooms for blended learning at each grade level in the district.
  2. Provide opportunities for teachers to collaborate and develop blended learning lessons for students.

Provide well maintained school buildings.

  1. Right size the capacity of our facilities.
  2. Renovate and make improvements to facilities.

Develop community schools.

  1. Develop a model for community schools.
  2. Develop a graduate profile.
    1. Survey stakeholders to develop the profile of a Rowan-Salisbury Schools graduate.
    2. Develop goals for opportunities, skills, and knowledge milestones at the 5th, 8th, and 12th grade levels.
  3. Develop innovative marketing strategies.
  4. Homeschool students and families.
    1. Open communication channels by sending postcards and communications to homeschool families.
    2. Develop and host online courses for homeschool students.

Increase student services.

  1. Attendance
    1. Create and share information on the importance of attendance with families.
  2. Social and emotional well-being
    1. Develop procedures and programs for trauma and severe mental illness.
    2. Develop a mentoring program at each school that support students in a whole child process.

Develop Human Resources

  1. Recruitment
    1. Analyze staff turnover through district exit survey.
  2. Induction
    1. Develop, complete, and implement the RSS iBook.
    2. Create and implement high quality professional development experiences for classified staff.
  3. Succession Develop and implement third cohort of Grow Your Own Leaders assistant principal leadership program.



Rowan-Salisbury Schools Pilots State Renewal Program

The State of North Carolina passed HB 986 enabling qualifying school districts to become a renewal district. Currently only Rowan-Salisbury Schools district qualifies. On June 28th the RSS Board of Education elected to participate in this program. Click for details.