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Driver’s Education is available to all Rowan-Salisbury School System students, as well as all public, private, charter or licensed homeschool students who reside in Rowan County. Non-public school students must take Driver’s Education in the school district where they reside.

Classes are offered throughout the school year and during the summer at each high school in the Rowan-Salisbury School System. To register for a class, contact the high school you are districted to.

Driver’s Education costs $65, and can be paid online (4% service fee added) via debit or credit card. If you wish to pay with cash, please contact your student’s school.

In order to obtain a driver’s license before the age of 18, the state of North Carolina requires that students successfully complete thirty (30) hours of classroom instruction followed by six (6) hours of behind-the-wheel training.

The law requires students to attend 30 hours of class. No absences, tardiness or early dismissal is allowed for any class. You must be in class the full session to receive credit for that day. Attendance issues/emergencies should be discussed with the Driver’s Education instructor for make-up time and work.

Students must be at least 14 ½-years-old on the first day of their selected class to be eligible to participate in the Driver’s Education program. Students must also be in the 9th grade and under the age of 18 years of age (G.S. 20-88.1). Students are required to present a copy of their birth certificate on the first day of class.

Students are strongly encouraged to register for classroom instruction as soon as they become 14 ½ years of age. Every effort will be made for them to receive the behind-the-wheel training by their 15th birthday.

All Driver’s Education students must adhere to the Student Code of Conduct for Rowan-Salisbury School System.



Classroom Requirements

  • Students must arrange transportation to and from each classroom session. Students must be picked up promptly. No loitering on campus.
  • Classroom requirements must be successfully completed with a minimum average grade of 70.
  • Students are required to attend all classes. No tardiness or early dismissal is allowed for any class. You must be in class the full session to receive credit for that day. Attendance issues/emergencies should be discussed with the teacher for make-up time and work.
  • If a student drops a class or fails to attend a session, they will be unable to retake the class until space is available.
  • If you have plans that conflict with class attendance, you should wait and take another class that best suits the student's schedule.
  • A Restricted Instruction Permit form will be issued to each student which must be signed by the parent/guardian, student and driver’s education instructor.
  • During the classroom phase, a Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) examiner will conduct an eye check for all students who have completed and returned the Restricted Instruction Permit form. Students absent on the day of the eye check must make an appointment with the DMV examiner at 704-639-3051, Ext. 124.
  • If a student fails the eye check, they will be issued an 804 form to be completed by a Vision Specialist. This form must be returned to the driver’s education instructor before the student can be scheduled for Behind the Wheel training.

Behind The Wheel (BTW) Training Requirements

  • Upon successful completion of all classroom requirements, students will be contacted to schedule the Behind the Wheel sessions (6 hours required).
  • Students may be driven before school, after school, on Saturdays, and on non-school days.
  • Students will be scheduled for BTW training based on class completion date and their birthdates (oldest to youngest) when possible.
  • Make sure all student phone numbers are current. Students should notify the driver’s education lead instructor of any change of address, phone number, or if a student transfers to another school.
  • The driver’s education lead instructor will provide dates, times, where to meet the instructor and other additional information when they contact the student.


Frequently Asked Questions

When can a student obtain a Learner's Permit?
A student must be 15 years of age and have successfully completed both 30 hours of classroom instruction and 6 hours of Behind the Wheel training.

What does a student need to take to the Driver's License office to be issued a Learner's Permit?

  • Driver’s Education certificate
  • Driver Eligibility certificate
  • Certified birth certificate
  • Social Security card
  • Parent or guardian to sign the permit
  • Money for the Learner's Permit fee ($15)

Can a student obtain a Learner's Permit without completing a Driver Education program?
No, unless the student is 18 years of age or older.

What tests will a student be required to complete at the DMV office to obtain their permit?

  • General knowledge test
  • Vision test
  • Traffic signs recognition test

How long is the Driver Eligibility Certificate valid?
30 days

What happens if the Driver Eligibility Certificate expires?
The student must obtain a new certificate from a school administrator.

How long is a student required to maintain their Learner's Permit?
One full year (365 days) from the issue date (unless they reach the age of 18).

How can a student lose their driving privileges?

  • Dropping out of school
  • Failure to pass 3 out of 4 courses in a semester (90 days)

Is a student required to take Driver’s Education?
Yes, if that student wants to obtain a Learner's Permit or License before he/she is 18 years of age.

Is there a fee to take Driver’s Education?
Yes. There is a $65.00 fee along with a 4% SERVICE FEE when paying with Debt/Credit card. (Click here to access Online Payment)

How old must a student be before he/she is eligible to take Driver’s Education?
A student must be at least 14 ½ years of age on the first day of class.

How does a student register for the Driver’s Education Program?
Contact the Driver’s Education lead instructor at the High School the student attends. Link to Driver’s Ed contact page

Can a student complete the Behind the Wheel sessions prior to the classroom sessions?
No, a student must successfully complete the classroom before being scheduled for the Behind the Wheel sessions.

If a student attends a private school or is home schooled, how do they enroll in Driver’s Education?
Private school students should contact the Driver’s Education lead instructor at the high school in which the private school is located. Home schooled students should contact the Driver’s Education lead instructor at the high school where they are domiciled.

Is a student who has dropped out of school eligible to take Driver Education?
No, a student must be enrolled in a public, private, or home school.

Contact Information

Driver Education Contacts

Todd Bell

Titles: Teacher/Athletic Director
Locations: West Rowan High
Phone Numbers:
School: 704-278-9233 ext. 409

James Brooks

Titles: Health/PE
Locations: South Rowan High
Phone Numbers:
School: 704-857-1161 ext. 250

Christopher Cauble

Titles: Teacher Health/PE
Locations: Carson High
Phone Numbers:
School: 704-855-5043

Milton Griffith

Titles: School Counselor
Locations: Salisbury High
Phone Numbers:
School: 7046361221 ext. 396042

Bryan Mills

Titles: Teacher, Cross Country Coach
Locations: North Rowan High
Phone Numbers:
School: 704-636-4420 ext. 143

Martin Teems

Titles: Teacher Social Studies
Locations: East Rowan High
Phone Numbers:
School: 7042795232

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