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Bus Driver Training

School bus drivers must review and complete the following materials each year to fulfill their contract with the Rowan-Salisbury School System.Please review the Back to School Bus Driver Presentation, as well as the three videos below it. 


Driver Training

Bus Driver Presentation

Bus Driver Training

Emergency Evacuation Procedure
Passenger Stop Procedure
Railroad Crossing Procedure

State Laws

State Laws for School Buses

Please review the following state laws concerning driver and student crossing procedures.

North Carolina school districts will be using a standard crossing signal to help protect students when they need to cross the street to board the bus or after exiting the bus. The school bus driver will first hold their palm out indicating that students should WAIT before stepping into the roadway. After the driver has checked for safety, he or she will then give students a “thumbs up” indicating that the students should then check for traffic and then cross the street. The driver will indicate the direction to walk by pointing with his or her index finger.

Driver Handbook

Bus Driver Handbook

Please review the 2019-2020 Bus Driver Handbook. Then, print and sign the Bus Driver Code and Agreement, and the Bus Radio Guidelines.

The bus coordinator at each site is responsible for ensuring a signed copy of each agreement is on file for each driver. A copy of each agreement is to remain in each driver’s file on campus at all times.

Are you renewing your licence and need to get a DOT Medical card? Please follow the following necessary steps to obtain your medical card.

DOT medical card

Click here for the occupational health service application process, and follow the steps. This applies for first time non CDL holders that are going through the 3 day class, as well as existing CDL holders that are looking to renew their license and need to get a medical card for the first time or renewing your medical card.

Additional Bus Driver Training Materials

New training videos are now available for students and school bus drivers.

North Carolina School Bus Safety Web

Please review the Seatbelt Toolkit developed by the Institute for Transportation Research and Education (ITRE).

Everyday Opportunity.mp4
Safety and Crossing
Managing Behavior
Crisis Management