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Contact the Transportation Department at 704-245-6702.


Work from Home options 


Please click and use the below links for the work from home option. There are Youtube links, PDF, and a power point options that you can partake in to acquire your appropriate allotted time for a day worth of work.

Power Point

Youtube Links

How to control behavior on the bus

Inclement Weather 

For the "How to control behavior on the bus" questionnaire, either print out and complete or on a separate sheet of paper write a short summary of what you learned from this training material.

We're hiring bus drivers for the 2019-20 school year. Apply online, or encourage your friends, family and neighbors to apply for these wonderful part-time (and some full-time) positions.


Our next Upcoming Bus Training Classes are

January 7th-9th (Tuesday-Thursday)

8:30am-3:00pm EACH DAY

You must be prompt each morning.

Location: Transportation Department 

2724 Old Concord Rd. Salisbury 

Please contact by email or at 704-245-6702 ext. 7112 to sign up for this class.



Be a Bus Driver

The safe transportation of students to and from school is a priority for Rowan-Salisbury Schools, thus the federal, state and local requirements are quite stringent.

Driving a school bus is a rewarding job—you can make the difference in a child’s life.


Bus driver details






medical requirements

Must be able bodied and free of physical handicaps that would affect ability to drive

Must have at least 20/40 vision in each eye with or without corrective lenses

Must not suffer from chronic diseases or health conditions that would affect driving ability

A DOT medical card is now required in addition to your CDL License.

Click here for the occupational health service application process, and follow the steps. This applies for first time non CDL holders that are going through the 3 day class, as well as existing CDL holders that are looking to renew their license and need to get a medical card for the first time or renewing your medical card.

Step By Step getting a Medical Card

By Jan 1, 2021 all activity and school bus drivers will need DOT medical examination listed in the Driver License system to remain active on pocket cards. 



 *Please read entire instructions sheet before reaching out with questions, if you still have questions please reach out to OccuDx (704-237-1095) not the school district.

Navigate to the Medical Services Applicant Processing Portal via this link: https://occudx.com/maps/ 


    1.  You will see the “Welcome!” page and a window entitled “Select Organization”.  Type in RSS and the name “RSS Bus Drivers and Teacher Assistants” will appear below the box.  Click on the title and it will populate in the field.  Then click “GET STARTED”.

    2. The window “Your Testing” will appear.   All testing is a requirement and will automatically be selected for you. All forms will be emailed to you along with your drug testing pass after checkout.  If you have any questions or if you need the forms resent to you, please email clientservices@occudx.com or call 704.237.1095.

    3.  Enter your contact information and click continue. “Choose your clinic” will appear with the only clinic available for testing. The total payment is $130 for medical tests.  Click Continue.  You will be redirected to an external payment portal to enter your credit card information.  Click Submit Securely.

 Please scroll down to "After Payment is Process" tap



    1.  You will see the “Welcome!” page and a window entitled “Select Organization”.  Type in RSS and the name “RSS Bus Driver Re certifications” will appear below the box.  Click on the title and it will populate in the field.  Then click “GET STARTED”.

    2.  The window “Your Testing” will appear with the DOT physical option already highlighted. Enter your contact information and click continue.  The only clinic available for testing will appear. Click on the box with the clinic information and click continue.  The total payment is $70 for recertification DOT physical.

    3.  You will be redirected to an external payment portal to enter your credit card information. Click Submit Securely.


 Within 1-2 hours of payment, an email will be sent to the email address provided. This email will either be from clientservices@occudx.com or noreply@occudx.com

  • Note: If the email has not been received within 1-2 hours of payment, please check your junk/SPAM folder. If after this time frame and checking your junk/SPAM folder you have not received the email, please call 704-237-1095.  If you are submitting your payment after our business hours of Monday – Friday 8am-5pm, your order will not be processed until the next business day.  If you are submitting your payment after 3pm you may not receive an email until the next business day.  Print the necessary authorization and medical forms listed and/or provided in the email.  Take the forms with you to the clinic.


If not done by this procedure you may pay more than $70


Renewing cdl & certification (Driving with DMV Instructor)

Beginning Jan 1, 2018 all renewals need a DOT medical in Driver License system before renewing pocket card with the DMV instructor at the RSS Transportation Deparment.

You may renew either CDL first then certification (Driving with DMV Instructor at RSS Trans. Dept.) OR renew  certification and then CDL. As stated earlier, SBTS/DEPS can NOT even schedule renewal certification without seeing current DOT Medical in the Driver License System as NON-EXCEPTED INTERSTATE.

You will get a 3-yr CDL $84 for just P&S endorsements; ask for a receipt for RSS reimbursement.  If you are NOT currently certified, renewing the 5-yr CDL will be $140.

DMV open 8:00 am -5:00 pm (appointments for Salisbury 704-633-5873)

DMV does take debit/credit

When renewing at the DMV Driver License Department you will check NON-EXCEPTED INTERSTATE on the form.   https://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/medical/driver-medical-requirements/dot-medical-exam-and-commercial-motor-vehicle-certification


Real ID

While many North Carolinians are ahead of the deadline, we have two short years to get four million of our residents prepared,” DMV Commissioner Torre J. Jessup said. “I encourage everyone to gather their documents and obtain their REAL ID now. Traveling by air will be easier with a REAL ID when the Transportation Security Administration begins enforcing tougher identification requirements at airports in 2020.”


The N.C. REAL ID is just like a traditional North Carolina license or ID, but has a star in the upper right corner. The federal REAL ID Act established the requirements and the program is administered by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.


To obtain their first REAL ID, residents must bring the following verification documents to a local driver license office:

•One (1) proof of identity, date or birth and/or legal presence (lawful status): certified birth certificate or unexpired U.S. Passport

•One (1) proof of name change: certified marriage license or certified divorce decree

•One (1) proof Social Security number: Social Security card, W-2 or 1099 tax form with full name and number

•Two (2) proofs of current address: driver license, vehicle registration card, voter registration card, cable bill, utility bill or bank statement


DMV officials have a few tips for residents preparing to visit the DMV office for their first REAL ID:

1.If your license or ID card expires in 2020, plan to renew your license as a REAL ID within six months of your expiration date. Your renewal fee will be the same.

2.If your license or ID card expires after 2020, make an appointment now to obtain a REAL ID for $13. Once your card expires, you can renew it online.

3.Bring your certified marriage license or court documents if your current name does not match your certified birth certificate or U.S. Passport.

4.Decrease your wait time by scheduling an appointment at (919) 715-7000 for any driver license office.


Residents who choose not to get a REAL ID will have a license or ID card noted with “Not for Federal Identification”.


Without a REAL ID or U.S. Passport, travelers will have to provide additional identification to board a commercial flight and visit federal facilities beginning Oct. 1, 2020. The required identification may vary.


For more information about REAL ID, including the complete list of verification documents, visit NCREALID.gov.

Legal requirements

Must be 18 years of age and have at least 6 months driving experience

No more than one moving violation within the last 12 months

No more than 3 moving violations within the last 5 years

No DWI/DUI convictions within the last 5 years—only one in driving history

No suspension of license within the last 5 years

Valid North Carolina drivers license

Training requirments

Three days of classroom training and passing of tests

Three days of on-the-road training

Must pass criminal background check

Negative drug test

All DMV records for the last 10 years (including out-of-state) will be reviewed n a case-by-case basis

how to apply

1. Complete on-line application at

Apply Here

2. Sign up for bus driver training class by calling 704-245-6702, ext 7112. or print this Enrollment Form off, and then scan in the completed document into Marisa Holman


How do I become a bus driver?

  1. Click here to apply for a bus driver position.
  2. Contact Marisa Holman at (704) 245-6702 ext.7112 to sign up for the next CDL training to obtain a bus license (Class B CDL with passenger and school bus endorsements). This training is offered at no cost.
  3. Check your email daily to receive a background check from the Rowan-Salisbury School System's Human Resources Department. Fill the background check request out as soon as you receive it.
  4. After your background check has been completed and approved by Human Resources, you will need to attend the three-day classroom portion of CDL training to obtain a bus license.
  5. Prior to the three-day on-the-road training (typically 2-4 weeks after the classroom training), a you must complete a medical examination including a TB test, drug test and physical. You will receive this information from Human Resources.
  6. Complete the on-the-road CDL Training to obtain a bus license..
  7. Recommendation for hire is made to Human Resources.

Application Requirements

In order to receive your bus license you must have:

  1. A valid North Carolina driver's license. If you have had a license in any other state in the past 10 years, a copy of your out-of-state driving record must be provided as well.
  2. A valid email address so you can receive your background check and other paperwork from Human Resources.
  3. A valid phone number to communicate with the Transportation Department.

What if I already have a RSSS Class B CDL and pocket card?

If you currently hold a Rowan Salisbury School System Class B CDL and pocket card with Passenger & School Bus Endorsements license, and are wanting to inquire about a part-time (possibly full-time) job, please email Ashley Young or call her at 704-245-6702 ext.7123 for more information.

how do i get a dot medical card

Click here for the occupational health service application process, and follow the steps. This applies for first time non CDL holders that are going through the 3 day class, as well as existing CDL holders that are looking to renew their license and need to get a medical card for the first time or renewing your medical card.


"To support the educational process for all students by providing safe transportation to and from school in a timely, efficient manner."



Rowan-Salisbury Schools Pilots State Renewal Program

The State of North Carolina passed HB 986 enabling qualifying school districts to become a renewal district. Currently only Rowan-Salisbury Schools district qualifies. On June 28th the RSS Board of Education elected to participate in this program. Click for details.