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  • Provide training services according to the needs of faculty and staff
  • Communicate and monitor system regulations relevant to expenditures for travel and staff development activities
  • Record individual professional development
  • Provide records of renewal credits for each employee
  • Provide formative and summative assessment data of staff development offerings and expenditures


High-quality professional development can have a significant impact on the quality of teaching and student achievement in Rowan-Salisbury Schools. For greatest impact, professional development activities should:

  • Be site-initiated and site-based
  • Focus on specific researched-based teaching strategies, specific content, and specific grade level
  • Be long-term and sustained including classroom mentoring and assessment of classroom implementation


Why do I have to sign up for staff development through the SEA System?

The SEA System ensures that renewal credit is issued.

When can I receive renewal credits for a training?

You must get approval from your principal prior to attending a training. You must sign up via the SEA System to receive renewal credits and must sign the SEA System roster.

Any training that is less than 5 hours cannot offer renewal credit. If a participant fails to attend a minimum of 5 hours of training, CEU’s will not be issued.

Why is completing the survey important?

The follow-up survey solicits your thoughts on implementation, impact on teaching practices, and student learning gains. This information is crucial to a final report that must be turned in to the State Department and the Federal Office of Education every June.

What does the State Department and the Federal Office of Education do with this information?

The information is used to determine the level of funding for staff development offered through No Child Left Behind.

How many surveys do I get for each training?

For every training, you will receive a follow-up survey within 48 hours following the conclusion of the training. You may also receive up to 3 progress reports and a final report for each training. If you do not complete the follow-up survey within the time frame allotted, you will forfeit your renewal credit for that training.

What happens if I forget to complete a survey?

Every participant who signs up for staff development via the SEA System will be given one week to complete a survey. If the survey is not completed during that week, the SEA system will send a reminder to the participant.

If you do not complete the follow-up survey within the time frame allotted, you will forfeit your renewal credit for that training.

What if I do not receive a survey within 48 hours of the conclusion of the training?

You should contact Samantha Anderson (704-639- 3013) to check the status of the survey.

What if I sign up for staff development and then I am unable to attend the training?

Prior to the training date, you can cancel your activity proposal through the SEA System. If cancellation needs to occur after the date of the activity, please contact Samantha Anderson.

Why would I receive multiple surveys?

You should only receive a follow-up survey within 48 hours of the conclusion of the training, up to three progress reports throughout the school year, and a final report. With each survey and each progress report, a reminder is sent approximately two weeks after the reports are sent.

How will I know when I have completed all surveys and reports for a proposal?

You will receive an email with the subject line stating “Staff Development Proposal # Final Report”. Upon completing the final report, a congratulatory screen appears stating, “Done! The final report has been processed. Thank you for your time and patience”.

When will renewal credit NOT be issued?

  • Renewal credit will NOT be given for any activity that is less than 5 hours/.5 CEU’s.
  • Renewal credit will also be forfeited when you fail to complete the follow up survey within the allotted time frame (a survey will be sent out within 48 hours after the activity and a reminder will be sent one week after the survey is sent. Participants have 10 days from receiving the survey to complete it. If you do not complete the follow-up survey within the time frame allotted, you will forfeit your renewal credit for that training).
  • Failure to sign the SEA System Roster/Sign Up sheet at the training will result in forfeiture of CEU’s. (The roster must be initialed each time the group meets until the training is completed.)

Why am I receiving a message that my email is not valid when I attempt to complete my survey?

This message indicates that your email address has inadvertently been entered incorrectly in HRMS (Human Resource Management System). If you receive this message, please email Jerri Hunt.


Horizons Unlimited

Admission - Black Crew Socks, Travel Size Deodorant, or 7''x10'' puzzle book

Shine Bright & Show Your Light

•Gläärt (Glow Art) in the Refinery Makerspace

•Laser Shows in the Margaret C. Woodson

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Featured Learning Exhibit - Operation Gratitude Letter Writing and Collection Station


Rowan-Salisbury Schools Pilots State Renewal Program

The State of North Carolina passed HB 986 enabling qualifying school districts to become a renewal district. Currently only Rowan-Salisbury Schools district qualifies. On June 28th the RSS Board of Education elected to participate in this program. Click for details.