Elementary Schools

Middle Schools

High Schools

Section Title

Students engaged

Curriculum & Instruction

Assistant Superintendent

Dr. Julie Morrow

Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum

Sonya Mulkey

Administrative Assistant Curriculum and Instruction


Alesia Burnette

Director of Accountability

Elizabeth Roether

Administrative Assistant

K12 Programs

Dr. Eisa Cox

Executive Director of Programs

Deborah Jones

Admin Assistant Secondary Education
School: 7046306040

Kelly Feimster

Director of Instructional Programs

Jerri Hunt

Director of Federal Programs

Candace Lindstrom

Director of EC Dept.

Amy Pruitt

Director of Horizons Unlimited

Elementary Education

Dr. Jason Gardner

Executive Director of Elementary Ed

Samantha Anderson

Administrative Assistant for Elementary Educations & Instructional Programs, (SEA System Coordinator)

Crystal Merck

Teacher Elementary Lead

Kelly Street

Director of Early Learning

Secondary Education

Tina Mashburn

Executive Director of Secondary Education

Deborah Jones

Admin Assistant Secondary Education
School: 7046306040

Mandy Mills

Director of Career & Technical Education

Brittany Saunders

Lead Literacy Design Coach

Angela Waldo

Lead Math Design Coach