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COVID-19 Data Dashboard

To ensure transparency to our families, staff, and community the district has created a COVID-19 data dashboard.  The dashboard contains current data on reported student and staff COVID-19 cases and quarantine/isolation data.  The data dashboard will be updated each Monday at 9:00AM. 


Rowan-Salisbury Schools is working with federal, state and local agencies to closely monitor the rapidly evolving situation related to the 2019 novel coronavirus – also known as COVID-19. We will continue to provide factual information and updates including the latest news as it relates to COVID-19. 

UPDATE: February 22, 2021

The Board of Education voted to allow the following groups to return to in-person learning 4 days per week (Plan A) beginning March 29, 2021:

  • All K-5th grade students 

  • Certain specialized programs for Exceptional Children (EC) and English Learner (EL) students in 6th-12th grades:

    • Students in Specialized Behavioral Supports (SBS), Promoting Academics through Communication and Social Skills (PACSS), and Cross-Categorical Adapted Curriculum (CCAC) programs

    • Students following the Occupational Course of Study (OCS) curriculum

    • Students whose primary disabilities are Visually Impaired or Deaf/Hard of Hearing

    • EL Newcomers (EL students enrolled in a USA school for the first time on or after August, 2019) 

If your child is impacted by this change, your school will reach out to you with additional details in the coming weeks. 

Per the Governor’s executive order, students in grades 6-12, who are not defined in the groups above, will remain in Plan B.  

“RSS has done an excellent job operating under Plan B, and I feel we will do the same as we address any challenges with Plan A. We will continue to monitor and share health metrics with you between now and spring break,” said Dr. Tony Watlington, Rowan-Salisbury Schools Superintendent.


Rowan-Salisbury Schools Plan Grades 6-12 ONLY

Plan B: A Day/B Day Model

Students are divided into two groups (Group A & Group B).  Students attend school face to face two days per week and learn remotely three days per week.  Wednesdays are used for universal cleaning.  Accommodations are made for families with children in different grade spans, students with special needs, or issues related to work schedules. 

Plan B - A Day/B Day Model Schedule

Monday-Tuesday: Group A (Face to Face); Group B (Remote) 

Wednesday: Group A & B (Remote Learning)

Thursday-Friday: Group A (Remote Learning); Group B (Face to Face)

Virtual Option: Year Long Commitment

Students enroll in the K-8 Summit Virtual Academy or work with assigned high school for virtual options.  All virtual learning options are a one school year commitment.


Additional Information and Resources

This website is designed to serve as a landing page to provide resources for accurate information. Use the navigation below to get more information.

Board of Education Meetings: District staff provide updates at each meeting with the most up to date information regarding COVID-19 and our response in schools.