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Student Services / Counseling

Mission: To support academic achievement for all students by promoting positive physical, emotional, and social development through advocacy, leadership, and collaboration

Student Services encompasses the areas of: School Health, School Counseling, School Social Work, McKinney-Vento (Homeless Education program), 504, Homebound Education, School-based Mental Health, and Intervention Specialist Services

Health Manual



Carol Ann Houpe

Director of Student Services
Wallace Educational Forum

Judy McLaughlin

Director of School Counseling
Wallace Educational Forum

Sharon Beck

Lead Nurse
Knox Middle, Rowan County Early College, Wallace Educational Forum

Cassidy Benfield

School Nurse
Central Office

Nancy Foxworth

Transition Case Manager
Wallace Educational Forum

Kendra Fulbright

Administrative Assistant
Wallace Educational Forum

Anelia Laurens

McKinney-Vento Liaison
Wallace Educational Forum

School Counselors