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Our EC department believes that every child deserves to receive personalized, engaging, and individualized education to reach their maximum academic and social potential. We are dedicated to providing quality specialized instruction to all students with disabilities while maintaining the overall mission of Extraordinary Education Every Day. We accomplish this by collaborating, supporting, and providing resources to teachers and students for the provision of a free, appropriate education in the least restrictive environment. By communicating and collaborating with schools, parents, district staff, and community members we provide ongoing staff development and support to all our customers.


Candace Lindstrom

Titles: Director of EC Dept.
Phone Numbers:
School: 704-642-2677

Sonya McCullough

Titles: Admin Assistant EC

Elizabeth Baker

Titles: Pre K Coordinator EC

Tracy Bissonnette

Titles: Program Coordinator EC

Rebecca Graham

Titles: Finance Specialist EC

Josh Wells

Titles: Compliance Specialist EC

Specialty Teams

Program Specialists

Sarah Brown

Bostian Elementary

China Grove Elementary

Enochville Elementary

Landis Elementary

Rockwell Elementary

Sherry Crider

Cleveland Elementary

Hurley Elementary

Isenburg Elementary

Woodleaf Elementary

Amy Davis

Koontz Elementary

Morgan Elementary

North Rowan Elementary

Carlton Jackson

China Grove Middle

Corriher-Lipe Middle

East Rowan High

Erwin Middle

Rowan Early College

Lori Stubblefield

Hanford Dole Elementary

Millbridge Elementary

Overton Elementary

Mt. Ulla Elementary

Suzette Pritchard

Carson High

Southeast Middle

South Rowan High

West Rowan Middle

West Rowan High

Mandi Sweet

Faith Elementary

Granite Quarry Elementary

Henderson Independent

Knollwood Elementary

Shive Elementary

Claire Watts

Knox Middle

North Rowan High

North Rowan Middle

Salisbury High

Behavior Team

Regina Clark-Parker
Jill Debose
Alan Hand
Tracey Wharton

The EC Behavior Support Team is funded through the State’s PRC-29 Grant which is a yearly renewed grant to provide add-on behavioral services for students identified eligible for EC services. Our services are designed to be an additional service beyond what is already provided at the school level.

The team provides a variety of direct student services such as social skills instruction, anger management and strategies to be successful in school. The team also provides assistance for classroom teachers such as data collection assistance, classroom management ideas, assistance with Functional Behavior Assessments, Behavior Intervention Plans, and social skills lesson plans. The team also provides school wide assistance with trainings on setting limits, de-escalation strategies and how to respond to crisis.

How to Access Our Services

First and foremost the Behavior Team is funded as an add-on service utilized after building level interventions have been tried and have not been successful.

Once the school based team has used up all their resources complete the Request for Assistance Form and email it to Alan.

The Behavior Team meets on Mondays and we review the forms submitted the previous week. We then contact the school personnel to schedule observations.

What Happens Next?

After making observations and meeting with the school-based staff the team makes recommendations. These could include classroom-based strategies, schedule adjustments, IEP service time recommendations, contacting outside agencies etc.

Each student we receive a Request For Assistance From we score the student on a DPI rubric which determines out level of involvement.

Students that have multiple academic stressors such as being retained, multiple suspensions, multiple acts of violence, placed on probation, in a group home, receiving mental health services, high levels etc may end up on our caseload. Being on our caseload requires our twice monthly direct instruction of social skills and intensive classroom involvement.

Students who don’t meet this intensive need may have us as consultants who help with data collection and IEP goals but do not work directly with the student.

Preschool Team

Megan Eaton

Preschool Psychologist

Sandi Hjelm-Boggs

Itinerant Preschool Teacher

Susan Morgan

Preschool Speech Pathologist

Mary Roberts

Itinerant Preschool Teacher

The Rowan-Salisbury School System’s Preschool Evaluation Team locates, evaluates, and identifies children aged 3-5 with delays in their development. Our team offers a variety of screenings and evaluations at no cost to families who reside in our school district to determine if a child needs special education services. If a need for special education is determined, an individualized education program (IEP) will be created with the family outlining services for preschoolers to be successful within their educational environment. Specialized instruction is offered on a continuum based on the individual needs of each child and includes itinerant services, blended classrooms, and school-based programs.

If you know of a child who resides in Rowan County and may benefit from our services, please notify our office by downloading and filling out this form:

2017-18 Intake Form

Once complete, the form can be electronically completed and e-mailed to any of our staff members. The notification form can also be completed and faxed to our department at 704-279-0809. Once the notification is received, a team member will notify the family as soon as possible.

Parent Resources

Are you looking for child care?

Click here for more information regarding daycares and preschools in Rowan County

Do you need help regarding a child who is younger than age 3?

Click here for information about the NC Infant-Toddler Program

Has your child already been diagnosed with an educational disability?

Click here for more information regarding community resources

Psychologist Team


Anne BarnhardtMegan EatonTiara Handy
Kelsey Osborne

Elizabeth Pless

Autumn Taylor
Kim TuellCarley Rentsch

Educational Diagnosticians

Alison AugustsonAngelea BarbettoCathy Beber

Matt Krome

Related Services / Itinerant Teams

Related Services & Itinerant Teachers

Sue AllegroSusan BradyDixie Cooper
Nancy Duck

Kristen Eden

Angela Price
Karlie RinereJennifer RitchieStar Simpson
Jennifer Quantz


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